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When you enter the words `learn to juggle' into a search engine - you can find dozens - if not hundreds - of painstaking descriptions by folks that have learned `the juggling secret'. Well folks, I have news.



So, you want to learn a new CRAFT? The craft of Juggling?

One way is on this webpage in the sidebar. It's my Juggling Book; and I will guide you if you buy my 12 page book - step by simple step -to become a juggler in less than 15 minutes reading time - honestly. You can then practice the simple steps and become a juggler yourself within an hour. (Return the 1.49 E-Book if it doesn't work for you.)

Again, if you can throw a ball and if you can catch a ball - you CAN learn to juggle! Knock juggling off your bucket list today in the privacy of your own home.

Or, if you are local in Atlanta - sign up for a personal lesson or group lesson from Phillips today. Personal lessons are the best method to learn to juggle.

And, did you know that the act of juggling develops new brain grey matter? And new research shows it grows white brain tissue too! At any age? --- Yes, it does, and you can find those links on this page too.


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`OTHER LOCATIONS' - BEYOND 40 miles from my location in metro area - available too - Generally 150.00 (up to FIVE friends and family can participate in lesson) - Outlying Areas Included: Newnan, Gainesville, Peachtree City, Cartersville, Jasper - Feel Free To Ask About Your Area

ANY Second Lesson (if needed) - Twenty Dollars Off Above Rates

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Party Rates (7 or more participants), What better party gift for your attendees than giving them a lifetime skill? Party rates generally start at 150.00

Business-Corporate Having a `learning to juggle' session brings fun, invigoration, and bonding to any Corporate Meeting. Corporate sessions have emphasis on euphemism of juggling as balance of family, work, personal spirit. Emphasis on learning juggling for better concentration and focus - and as a thinking out of the box - mind exercise. BUSINESS/CORPORATE RATES BEGIN AT 175.00
Also, see sidebar for details on how to learn to juggle with a personal lesson as part of a small group for only 10.00!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Corporate Juggling

Recently I had the honor, for the second year in a row, of being invited to the Catalyst meeting of the Care.Org organization, to teach the participants to become jugglers. About 20 of the 29 folks were totally new .. none were previous jugglers. Of the approximately 9 returning Atlanta executives of Care.Org - they had a mix of skill levels... but, it was quite satisfying to see more than one of the previous years students juggling very smoothly. 

But, it's always great to see those first new learners - and about a 1/3 in just a half hour - with (obviously) nearly all simply visual clues (I can only give each person a minute or two of personal instruction, literally) - were rudimentary low level jugglers... if not with three balls then with two with one hand (another of the basic juggling skills).

One gentleman, a returning international Care.Org man told me a story about how a five year old in his country - asked what the juggling balls were (the sample given to the Catalyst attendees that they use for the whole week) on the shelf behind his desk.... when the man showed the boy the balls and how to juggle them.... the kid immediately..... was able to imitate him. A five year old. The balls, obviously, became the property of the boy - and who knows what has been started in some far off third world setting.

Which brings up a next juggling update.

I also recently wanted to go to my daughters Georgia Pre-K classroom final party of the year and `perform' with the kids - age 5 mostly. What a delightful experience, as I was able to use nearly every kid as a `partner' in starting the juggling experience (they would toss a ball up to me appropriately). Some appeared ready to try to take it further - they all loved the `magic' of me juggling and manipulating the objects in front of them.
I've now sold over 60 of my (often #1) 5th ranked (as of this moment) in the WORLD `Juggling E-Book' that you see below. It's only a buck 49. Enjoy.

Book Description

 January 9, 2013
Rick Phillips teaches people to juggle in the Atlanta Georgia area. Phillips uses methods that can make you a juggler within one hour - just like the people he teaches. You can read that method in this SHORT book that strips down the juggling experience to the very basics.

Phillips brings to readers awareness the research that shows that people who learn to juggle actually grow new brain tissue - waking up the brain - and other health benefits of juggling. He also shows that simply being a `regular' juggler - can present opportunities to earn cash too. Without question, this book should be your first choice to learn juggling.
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