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When you enter the words `learn to juggle' into a search engine - you can find dozens - if not hundreds - of painstaking descriptions by folks that have learned `the juggling secret'. Well folks, I have news.



So, you want to learn a new CRAFT? The craft of Juggling?

One way is on this webpage in the sidebar. It's my Juggling Book; and I will guide you if you buy my 12 page book - step by simple step -to become a juggler in less than 15 minutes reading time - honestly. You can then practice the simple steps and become a juggler yourself within an hour. (Return the 1.49 E-Book if it doesn't work for you.)

Again, if you can throw a ball and if you can catch a ball - you CAN learn to juggle! Knock juggling off your bucket list today in the privacy of your own home.

Or, if you are local in Atlanta - sign up for a personal lesson or group lesson from Phillips today. Personal lessons are the best method to learn to juggle.

And, did you know that the act of juggling develops new brain grey matter? And new research shows it grows white brain tissue too! At any age? --- Yes, it does, and you can find those links on this page too.


You Come To My Location In Woodstock - 60.00
You And Friend Come To My Location - 80.00
Larger Group Lesson (3+) Come To My Location - 90.00

I Go To Your Atlanta Area Location (within 40 miles of my location near Woodstock) - 90.00

I Teach You AND (up to 5 Friend(s) At Your Location - 120.00

`OTHER LOCATIONS' - BEYOND 40 miles from my location in metro area - available too - Generally 150.00 (up to FIVE friends and family can participate in lesson) - Outlying Areas Included: Newnan, Gainesville, Peachtree City, Cartersville, Jasper - Feel Free To Ask About Your Area

ANY Second Lesson (if needed) - Twenty Dollars Off Above Rates

Contact me at for more info to set up the lesson.
Party Rates (7 or more participants), What better party gift for your attendees than giving them a lifetime skill? Party rates generally start at 150.00

Business-Corporate Having a `learning to juggle' session brings fun, invigoration, and bonding to any Corporate Meeting. Corporate sessions have emphasis on euphemism of juggling as balance of family, work, personal spirit. Emphasis on learning juggling for better concentration and focus - and as a thinking out of the box - mind exercise. BUSINESS/CORPORATE RATES BEGIN AT 175.00
Also, see sidebar for details on how to learn to juggle with a personal lesson as part of a small group for only 10.00!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Welcome To Juggle Atlanta

Hello, thanks for visiting my Juggling Blog.

As you can see - on this page above - I have complete written instructions on how to learn to juggle. In the sidebar you can find juggling resources you will want to check out if you are thinking of becoming a juggler.

Juggling has been around for at least 3,800 years and was depicted as early that date onto stones with pictures of women jugglers. Supposedly, juggling became suppressed after the fall of the Roman Empire; when jugglers became known as Gleemen and were thought to dabble in perhaps magic. However, the first circuses brought the unique skill again in front of the public for entertainment and wonder; where it has remained.

But, the skill still confounds many who try what appears to be a simple task - a simple pattern of movement of the arms and hands. And, the skill is simple. But, for many, if not most, it is a skill best learned in a one-to-one teaching method of teacher-student. Or students. Live teaching.

I've been juggling since 1977, have taught many, and can teach you. Please visit my `other juggling site' for details of packages offered, including prices and price ranges.

Thanks for visting Juggling Atlanta.
Juggling Products
Classic Juggling Balls
Classic Juggling Balls - Under 3.00

Spirit Club Set
Spirit Club Set - Under 25.00

Juggling Scarves (set of 3)
Juggling Scarves (set of 3) - Under 4.00

Juggling Flower Sticks Devil Sticks Magic Sticks (Rubber Tassle Material)

Tranquility Stage Ball, 100 mm, 200 g, Juggling Balls
Tranquility Stage Ball, 100 mm, 200 g, Juggling Balls - Quality Balls For Shows

Charlie Dancey's Encyclopaedia of Ball Juggling

I'd Rather Be Juggling Metal License Plate Frame
Try This At Home. Juggling for fun, fitness and relaxation.

Juggling Clown Pin 1"
Juggling Clown Pin 1"
Decorated Mouse Pad with balls, juggling, juggler, monkey
Decorated Mouse Pad with balls, juggling, juggler, monkey

The Mathematics of Juggling

Steel Chrome Contact Juggling Ball - 73mm - 2.85 Inch
Steel Chrome Contact Juggling Ball - 73mm - 2.85 Inch - Under 14.00
Dave Finnigan's Juggling Step-By-Step Program - DVD


Lacrosse Ball (Orange)Lacrosse Ball (Orange) - Under 2.00

STX Six Pack of Assorted Color Lacrosse Balls
STX Six Pack of Assorted Color Lacrosse Balls 17.00

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