Atlanta - Person To Person Juggling Lesson 60-90 dollars! - Group Lesson As Low As 10 Dollars Per Person! - All Details Below And In Sidebar!


When you enter the words `learn to juggle' into a search engine - you can find dozens - if not hundreds - of painstaking descriptions by folks that have learned `the juggling secret'. Well folks, I have news.



So, you want to learn a new CRAFT? The craft of Juggling?

One way is on this webpage in the sidebar. It's my Juggling Book; and I will guide you if you buy my 12 page book - step by simple step -to become a juggler in less than 15 minutes reading time - honestly. You can then practice the simple steps and become a juggler yourself within an hour. (Return the 1.49 E-Book if it doesn't work for you.)

Again, if you can throw a ball and if you can catch a ball - you CAN learn to juggle! Knock juggling off your bucket list today in the privacy of your own home.

Or, if you are local in Atlanta - sign up for a personal lesson or group lesson from Phillips today. Personal lessons are the best method to learn to juggle.

And, did you know that the act of juggling develops new brain grey matter? And new research shows it grows white brain tissue too! At any age? --- Yes, it does, and you can find those links on this page too.


You Come To My Location In Woodstock - 60.00
You And Friend Come To My Location - 80.00
Larger Group Lesson (3+) Come To My Location - 90.00

I Go To Your Atlanta Area Location (within 40 miles of my location near Woodstock) - 90.00

I Teach You AND (up to 5 Friend(s) At Your Location - 120.00

`OTHER LOCATIONS' - BEYOND 40 miles from my location in metro area - available too - Generally 150.00 (up to FIVE friends and family can participate in lesson) - Outlying Areas Included: Newnan, Gainesville, Peachtree City, Cartersville, Jasper - Feel Free To Ask About Your Area

ANY Second Lesson (if needed) - Twenty Dollars Off Above Rates

Contact me at for more info to set up the lesson.
Party Rates (7 or more participants), What better party gift for your attendees than giving them a lifetime skill? Party rates generally start at 150.00

Business-Corporate Having a `learning to juggle' session brings fun, invigoration, and bonding to any Corporate Meeting. Corporate sessions have emphasis on euphemism of juggling as balance of family, work, personal spirit. Emphasis on learning juggling for better concentration and focus - and as a thinking out of the box - mind exercise. BUSINESS/CORPORATE RATES BEGIN AT 175.00
Also, see sidebar for details on how to learn to juggle with a personal lesson as part of a small group for only 10.00!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Juggling GIFT Certificates Are Now Available For Greater Atlanta

About two weeks ago a delightful lady contacted me about buying a gift certificate for her boyfriends upcoming birthday later in October. I was caught flatfooted but went to work to fulfill her needs, and to do `marketing' that I should be involved in doing when offering a service such as the one I offer.

The result was using my `family juggling' logo and a fine quality Gift Certificate was born:
And of course the Gift Certificate is on High Grade Paper Stock and comes in a plain envelope. Pretty cool right? Oh, I wanted to `explain' `It Has The Exercise And Potential Of All Individual Sports' phrase I've put onto the backside of the GC. 

The first is obvious - you get exercise by juggling and all sports provide exercise. The next isn't so obvious perhaps - Juggling has the `potential' of all `individual sports'. ...... Ready? While juggling can be a `team' or `partner sport' (multiple people juggling together - throwing to each other) and indeed is perhaps THE most fun about juggling (with others) --- most folks don't ever get the opportunity for group juggling. 

Most juggling is and will be done ALONE -- as an individual sport that YOU will develop alone and on your own. A sport that has `potential for development' on an individual basis of effort and intentionalities. All individual sports (bowling, fencing, chess, juggling etc) allows for development of skills.

So, are you ready to develop into a juggler now or in 2014? 
How I Am `Marketing' These Certificates

(Gift Certificates Are Bought Upfront)

`As A Cool Company/Business Gift To Employees'
(purchase 10 or more certificates for 10% off prices below)

IF you read this website about the proven benefits of juggling, it's a NO brainer to want to have employees who have better and vibrant brain connections - who exercise - and perhaps even better coordination. (Let alone becoming an out of the box thinker/doer.) So, along those ideas I'd like to offer the GC in a manner similar to those `Group-ons' one can find these days online.

Here's The Deals
(you do not need to be a business owner to participate - giving the GC to friends is a GREAT Lifetime Gift)
*prices for individual and small group lessons are on and listed publicly.

$10 off any listed price
5.00 (any quantity)

$20 off any listed price
8.00 (any quantity)

50% off any listed price
15.00 (when purchasing two or more)*
* this is a savings of up to 60.00 for each onsite lesson location of your choosing for 2 or more people (up to 45.00 total savings each time - with the cost of the GC)
*this is a savings of up to 45.00 for each onsite lesson IN WOODSTOCK for 3 or more people (30.00 total savings - the cost of the GC)

What This All Means

Is that IF you wish to pay UPFRONT for a lesson you can save some money. For example, let's say you wanted a personal lesson in Downtown Woodstock, that's 60 dollars normally - but, if you paid online, via Paypal for example, and bought a 20 dollar off GC for 8 bucks, (which I'd send to you at the address you list via paypal purchase) - and then you present that to me at the lesson - you will be charged 40 dollars instead of 60 a savings of 12 dollars to you and making the real cost of a personal one on one lesson in Woodstock as little as 48 dollars.

Or, you could bring two other friends with you who also wanted to learn to juggle - that listed price is 90 dollars in Downtown Woodstock, you'd save 20 bucks, pay 70 - and the THREE of you learn for 78 bucks or  26 bucks each (78 dollars total using the 12 dollar total savings).
Or, one last example of the maximum savings - you and a friend want me to come to your location in the Atlanta Area and teach you (or more) to juggle - that cost is 120.00 - but, you COULD save up to 1/2 off and therefore the cost could be just 60.00 dollars (plus 15.00 bucks for the GC = 75 total)
however, remember you have to buy 2 or more at 15.00 to get the 50% off GC - so, you'd need two groups of friends 
You Can Only Use One Coupon Per Lesson
Subject to agreed upon location and time
Need more info? Call me 678-467-8650 or send inquiry to (please put juggling in subject line)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Most Catches - One Hand - Two Balls - 30 Seconds

One of the juggling moves that I work on with new learners is juggling two balls with one hand........ this takes it to the extreme: (124 catches)
It's a pretty interesting website too (record setter).
My Juggling Book
often #1 in the world for Juggling
click above book cover for more info

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Juggling Around Iceland

Jugglers See The World A Bit Differently

Is it the increased brain matter?
BTW, teenage `learn to juggle' birthday parties are a blast for everyone!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Robotic Two Ball Juggling

Juggling is about more than three ball juggling. One of my favorite `ways of juggling' to introduce people to the sport is the two balls with one hand `trick'. This video, using a robot, shows the technical detail involved with the whole arm-wrist-hand motion :
link -

Over 65K have viewed the video above and they give it about a 30-1 positive to negative vote. It's very cool.

You too can learn to juggle with a personal lesson if you live in the Atlanta area. A personal session is still the very best way to learn to juggle. OR, please consider buying my learn to juggle in an hour book in the sidebar - it's only 1.49 - return it if it doesn't work for you.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Learn To Juggle At A Corporate Meeting

It has recently been my pleasure to provide services to two corporate meetings with international participants which were meeting in the Atlanta metropolitan area. Interestingly, each of the event planners were thinking of the word `juggling' in the context of how folks manage their time and life priorities. And, each of the planners instinctively knew of the `FUN' factor potential - the something different -  by involving a `juggler' into their meeting schedule. Smart folks those event planners.

BTW, each event planner, who also were participants in the on-site (hotel conference centers) juggling experience, considered the total juggling experience to be beneficial.

But, for those planning a corporate event in Atlanta, or the Southeast for that matter, - consider what the event planners also learned about adding a juggling experience; - that I provided MORE than just a break from the `business' action of endless meetings. 


Because in my roughly one hour on-site `learning to juggle' presentation at your  corporate session, I do have emphasis on the euphemism of juggling as representing a balance of family, work, and personal spirit. Nearly everyone in the corporate world is shaking their heads when these words are spoken. Suddenly, their interest is peaked.  But, I also place a strong emphasis on learning juggling for better concentration and focus - and as a thinking out of the  box mind exercise. (Better thinking can help a company in more ways than one of course.)

Which is the effect that growing new brain matter and brain connections can have on an individual by learning to juggle.

This `better brain' stuff is serious stuff.

Ultimately, will everyone learn to juggle? --------- No. 

But, nearly EVERYONE can participate in some level of learning to juggle SUCCESSFULLY. There are a LOT of smiles and laughs and tension breaking in the early going on's in the sessions. Usually in larger corporate group sessions, I pair people together to build additional group bonding, team work and new connections.

Event planners will also find that I can often provide my professional services on  very short notice of even a few days..... and that when I am on-site, I can provide a flexible program in time-length if needed. (Meetings can run over of course.) And, should you, the event planner, would like to schedule more than one event in a day or more than one session over two days - my `multiple session' pricing is reasonable and flexible.

Now, I know you might have questions such as -----   how many people can be taught in a one group - what size room is needed - what time of day or placement early or late in a corporate meeting schedule is best for learning to juggle - do YOU need to provide juggling balls - is juggling balls a good gift to participants -- or other questions................ and I will be happy to provide my guidance on what seems to work best/great.

As always, you can reach me at

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Doing The Impossible - Solving Rubik's Cube While Juggling!

Hello seekers of one of mankind's oldest skills - Juggling. In today's era, there always has to be a `twist' to things, right? So, in that spirit - I present someone with the skills needed to not only Juggle three balls, but, to SOLVE a Rubik's Cube pattern  - simultaneously. 
link -
Go ahead, challenge yourself by learning the sport of juggling!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

NEW Juggling Classes For 2013 - Learn 3 Ball Juggling For As Little As 10 Dollars!

My thanks to all of those who are sharing the word about the benefits of learning to juggle; - could juggling be one `solution' in a seemingly `solution-less' society? An activity that promotes BOTH physical toning and also definitely a mental toning? An activity that can be done inside or outside - an exercise in the fresh air (where others watching you will be sure to ask - how did you learn to do that?).

And, in 2013 - the `price' of learning to juggle has now been nearly eliminated. Here's how. I am now offering on a SIGN UP FIRST basis - the chance to be part of a group lesson for only 10 DOLLARS. 

Personalized instruction (the best method for how to learn how to juggle) at an affordable price. ANYONE can use this method, including families - yes, a family of five could learn for as little as 50 dollars. Or FIVE friends could learn for as little as 50 dollars. You get the picture - you can be a part of a group of five to eight people and learn to juggle for 10 dollars total cost to YOU. (Details of offer in sidebar.)

Of course, I will continue to offer pre-planned, on demand - you set the time (we actually work it out) lessons to individuals and to smaller groups of people - both in Woodstock OR at a location of YOUR CHOICE (details on pricing in sidebar to the left). Personal lessons for folks who simply can't wait to learn to juggle, or, who would rather not learn in front of a group of strangers.

Finally, I've decided to market the `learning of Juggling' - to `singles' - who think that `learning to juggle' would be a FUN (blind first `date') way to meet someone of the opposite sex. I describe the details of this too in the sidebar - and perhaps you will find this appealing.
And, yes, I now have a Juggling Book on Kindle - using a lot of the same techniques that I use in person - and you too can learn at home in as little as an hour; just as I teach the basics within an hour. You can find my Kindle book on the sidebar too.

lacrosse balls offer normal to large hands the best hand feel and are great for bounce juggling

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