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Hello, I offer a unique service to the Atlanta area - I teach people the basics of juggling in one session-lesson. I teach these skills in all types of settings to all types of people.

For National And International `Corporate' Events - I provide a session rich in the symbolism of juggling life's details, mixed with understanding the real benefits of learning juggling as part of an exercise routine involving body and mind. These sessions can bring a great kick-off to any event or break the sameness of endless meetings. The sessions bring fun, bonding and smiles and a new invigoration to any Corporate Function.

All of the same can be said for business or `office' sessions that I also offer to the public. Managers can stimulate that problem solving spirit and thinking with the `brain stimulation' of juggling. Benefit managers may also realize more of their goals by starting a part of the workforce on a healthy routine.

Obviously, doing a lesson-session with ANY sports TEAM - can perhaps provide just that little bit of better mental focus or eye-hand coordination - for success.

And finally, I provide the one contact for people in Atlanta to have a personal one on one, two on one, or more, manner to learning the individual sport of juggling.

Let me teach you how to juggle or to use juggling for your organization.


When you enter the words `learn to juggle' into a search engine - you can find dozens - if not hundreds - of painstaking descriptions by folks that have learned `the juggling secret'. Well folks, I have news.



So, you want to learn a new CRAFT? The craft of Juggling?

One way is on this webpage in the sidebar. It's my Juggling Book; and I will guide you if you buy my 12 page book - step by simple step -to become a juggler in less than 15 minutes reading time - honestly. You can then practice the simple steps and become a juggler yourself within an hour. (Return the 1.49 E-Book if it doesn't work for you.)

Again, if you can throw a ball and if you can catch a ball - you CAN learn to juggle! Knock juggling off your bucket list today in the privacy of your own home.

Or, if you are local in Atlanta - sign up for a personal lesson or group lesson from Phillips today. Personal lessons are the best method to learn to juggle.

And, did you know that the act of juggling develops new brain grey matter? And new research shows it grows white brain tissue too! At any age? --- Yes, it does, and you can find those links on this page too.


You Come To My Location In Woodstock - 60.00
You And Friend Come To My Location - 80.00
Larger Group Lesson (3+) Come To My Location - 90.00

I Go To Your Atlanta Area Location (within 40 miles of my location near Woodstock) - 90.00

I Teach You AND (up to 5 Friend(s) At Your Location - 120.00

`OTHER LOCATIONS' - BEYOND 40 miles from my location in metro area - available too - Generally 150.00 (up to FIVE friends and family can participate in lesson) - Outlying Areas Included: Newnan, Gainesville, Peachtree City, Cartersville, Jasper - Feel Free To Ask About Your Area

ANY Second Lesson (if needed) - Twenty Dollars Off Above Rates

Contact me at for more info to set up the lesson.
Party Rates (7 or more participants), What better party gift for your attendees than giving them a lifetime skill? Party rates generally start at 150.00

Business-Corporate Having a `learning to juggle' session brings fun, invigoration, and bonding to any Corporate Meeting. Corporate sessions have emphasis on euphemism of juggling as balance of family, work, personal spirit. Emphasis on learning juggling for better concentration and focus - and as a thinking out of the box - mind exercise. BUSINESS/CORPORATE RATES BEGIN AT 175.00
Also, see sidebar for details on how to learn to juggle with a personal lesson as part of a small group for only 10.00!

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Learning To Juggle As A Kid - Is It Possible?

As a few of you might be aware - I have "signs" in Atlanta that promote juggling for 13 year olds to 83 year olds. Yes...I did choose 83 in a sense to be "cute" - however, I did not choose 13 arbitrarily - as based on my experience - those under the age are much less likely to learn juggling in one lesson. That said, I HAVE had success (learning in one session) with both 12 year olds and 11 year olds.

I bring this up because in the last year I've had a number of parents contact me asking about teaching their child to juggle. Yes...there are children under 10 on YouTube who can juggle. Yes. But as we all know..the exception is not the rule...and because of that, it is indeed unlikely most children can learn very early in life. Again, of course, there are exceptions.

So, what happens you ask when I do accept a lesson where the primary goal is to have the children learn to juggle? The answer is a variety of things....but before that...let me talk a moment about the times I have tried to teach young kids to juggle spontaneously. You see, my family had one of those "scarecrows" in downtown Woodstock for a couple of the first years they did that October event. And, during the month I would personally go up to our scarecrow (all scarecrows have "business" signs who are sponsoring the scarecrow) and stand next to it and offer FREE on the spot juggling lessons. I have also done the same in Piedmont Park on a couple occasions (actually my approach was different there - I randomly offered to teach folks (mainly adults) to learn to JUGGLE IN 3  MINUTES.) I also was hired one time by a BOY Scout Troop and while everyone had fun throwing the balls around and a few dads picked up the skill... they were simply too young to learn in a large group.

What happened in those experiments in learning to juggle for FREE was that "spontaneous" learning was rare and largely confined to young adults - but that it was possible. I was never able to get a child under 13 to learn to spontaneously juggle - so, prior desire is a near requirement.

Now..back to the kids and learning to juggle. As mentioned it's really a matter of desire in learning to juggle for any age - so, first, the idea of wanting to learn to juggle almost MUST come from the child. IF that happens and the child is involved in a "hand-eye" sport (as opposed to soccer or dancing for example) that also is a strong plus. Normally if your child was 9 or 10 - and had those skills/desire - I would be willing to accept the in person lesson. Normal kids 8 and below generally have limited physical abilities and lack of attention spans that are needed to learn to juggle in one lesson. Since I've never had a parent pursue multiple lessons for a young kid... I can't say if it may be picked up with one lesson, practice at home and then a return for more lessons. If the desire was there...I can see a kid being able to do what you see on YouTube for young kids.

Over the age of 11 and teens ARE THE EASIEST TO TEACH OF ALL AGE GROUPS. As a parent, you REALLY should consider having your kid learn this solo person sport (for all the reasons you see on this page, such as growing brain tissue and focus and eye hand coordination). That said... even 11 to 17 year olds can be iffy too if the desire is not there, or if the child does NO sports whatsoever.

Finally, what IS learning to juggle - I define juggling as three balls thrown and three balls caught. So, if your child is under 13 (really 11) - while it may seem simple - doing that is probably beyond what your child will learn IN ONE LESSON. What they WILL learn is all the basic ideas of juggling. All the basic arm moves. All the catching moves. All the throwing moves. And...the chance to put it together on their own with due diligence, or additional lessons. 

Lastly, I stress to all learners of all ages - that there are FOUR distinct levels of being able to juggle. 3 throws and catches, 4 throws and catches, 8 throws and catches and about 30 throws and catches. Of ALL the paying adults (self defining as to having the desire to learn) who I've taught over the last few years in Woodstock, only ONE did not learn/perform he basics of three throws and catches, a few only got to 3.... most got to 4....many got to 8, and a very few got to 30 in one lesson. 

In the sidebar is a picture of the first FAMILY that I taught to juggle - the boy was 12 and the girl was 15 - all four family members were jugglers with some level of competence by the end. Is your family next?
Very recently I was able to teach a sports oriented 10 year old to learn the first step of juggling - getting three throws and three catches (I think he may have done 4 or 5 catches once or twice also). So...that means we are indeed exploring the lower reaches of who can learn his 8 year old brother next...he got close in lesson one.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

30 Three Ball Juggling Patterns

Hello Metro Atlanta - are you ready to learn how to juggle to finish off 2018? - I hope you are and please check out my reasonable prices for your new skill - that you will learn in one session. Today's video shows you some of the fun you can have when you learn the basic 3 ball pattern - indeed, even in our first session you might learn to do a couple of these.

More Juggling Links In The Sidebar Too

Friday, December 15, 2017

I Just Trained Actors On-Set For TV SHOW "Kevin Probably Saves The World"

Just wanted to spread the cool new news of one of my coolest gigs yet...on-set training for a TV show on ABC's - "Kevin Probably Saves The World". It happened just this week on Dec. 13th in the Fish Market portion of the downtown Commons Market (off bustling Auburn Street). 

My role was to teach two of the actors to have some sense of how to juggle, perhaps even to even teach them to juggle clams or fish - literally in a hallway outside of the "green room", (a back room -  put together as the hub) for directing the TV shooting of at least two scenes (probably more) out in the Fish Market. Actors and actresses walked in and out of the room and hallway, along with market workers pushing bags and bags of corn meal, literally on skids,  for the fish coating.

The actors were delightful - one, Dustin Ybarra, had taught himself the rudiments of juggling just days before via YouTube. And, by the end of 3 ten minute sessions (or so) he was juggling three balls quite the practicing with clams were more of a challenge as the hard surfaces easily bounced off each other when catching the final two in a hand. (The other actor I interacted with was Jason Ritter.)  ..... I also got to meet the director and several other key behind the scenes folks. It overall was quite the scene as upwards of 75 extras were also hired for the day.

Ultimately, I don't know if any actual juggling was done by the actors on camera or if it will all end up on a cutting room floor...but it was a fun what seems like a fun and light show. SO>>>> If YOU want to learn how to juggle in one session - give me a call at 678-467-8650 and leave a message.

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